This is from a Youth Minister we met a couple years ago at family camp. Consider it prayerfully and thoughtfully!

Wollcott: Dave and Steve Unite!


First off, a confession: I love sports.  I love playing sports.  I love watching sports.  I know way too many useless stats and roster information about sports.  Most of all, I love watching my kids play sports.  As a former back-up center on the back-up ninth grade basketball team I admittedly live a little vicariously through my ninth grade son!  All this is to say that, as I write this post, I’m preaching to myself too.

We’ve created a false god, and that god is youth sports.

It’s idolatry, pure and simple.  Perhaps it would help to step back and consider what youth sports is, or was, all about.  We put our kids in sports to build their character, keep them active and in shape, teach them team work, instill in them a good work ethic, hone leadership skills.  Those are all good things, and contribute to raising good, well-rounded…

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