Unfortunately, due to space requirements, we cannot host every sermon ever preached by Tom Hilpert. After a period of time, we must remove them from the hosting server. However, if you are interested, we would be happy to provide you with sermons and sermon-series that have been archived. Please use the contact form below to request more sermons. We use the form to minimize spam.


The following sermon series’ are available in both text and audio:

1 Corinthians (29 sermons)

1 Samuel (30 sermons)

2 Samuel (22 Sermons)

Acts (40 sermons)

Experiencing Life Together (introduction to House Church) (12 Sermons)

Galatians (25 Sermons)

Genesis (only the last nine sermons in a 30 part series have audio. However, there is a text version for all 30)

Living in Grace (3 sermons)

The Gospel of John (parts I and II) (48 sermons altogether)

Understanding the Bible (10 sermons)

Living in Reverse (8 sermons)

The Gospel of Matthew (51 sermons…so far)

In addition, we have text only sermon series available on request:

Prayer (10 sermons. Some overlap with the book of Matthew above)

Ecclesiastes (5 sermons)

Ephesians (18 sermons)

Discipleship (8 sermons)

Biblical Relationships & Communication (6 sermons)

Reaching Out (nine sermons)

The Sermon on the Mount (17 sermons. Some overlap with the book of Matthew above)


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