Pastor Tom Hilpert has a degree in Biblical Studies from Lutheran Bible Institute, a Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University, and a Master’s of Divinity from American Lutheran Theological Seminary. He has been in full-time ministry since 1995. His short, understandable bible teachings (now being posted in this blog) have been used by churches and Christians in Vietnam, Mongolia, England, India, South America and all over the United States.

The ministry of this blog is used for a number of churches, including those in the Life Together Churches network.

In addition to Bible Teaching and pastoring, Tom Hilpert writes books, including the popular Lake Superior Mystery novels. Visit his author page on Amazon to learn more. Tom currently lives near Nashville, TN.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Ron Foskey

    Thank you so much for posting these articles and, in particular, the mp3 versions. I spend much time driving and enjoy these. A favor please? See the heading under I Samuel – Part 16 – Facing The Giant. No Mp3 link is provided. Could you please add one? Thanks and Blessings!

    1. Thanks for letting me know you’re out there! I know a lot of people listen, but I don’t hear from many of them. I’ve looked for the audio for that sermon, and I can’t seem to find it. It surprises me, because we have a couple of house churches going through that series, and I thought they would have told me it was missing. Anyway, If you can be patient, I’ll do an “internet special” and record it for posting when I get the chance.
      Thanks again,

  2. Thanks for blogging your wonderful sermons, Pastor Tom. I read them often and find them very helpful. I’ve started trying to read them every week because if I don’t I’ll get so far behind that I miss out.
    In God’s love,

  3. Della Cook

    I was reading my Bible a few days ago and went to the internet to research a question. I found the answer on one of your websites and also discovered that you had written the three Lake Superior novels. It just so happened that I hurt my back so during my forced rest I read all three of your books and loved them all! I wish there were more. One of the things about a great fiction in my opinion is that I miss the characters when I finish the book, and I miss Jonah already and I finished the last book about an hour ago. So, I went to this website that was listed at the end of the book on my Kindle and listened to your message. I really enjoyed it and I know that I will listen to other messages in the future. You are a blessing, through your preaching and your writing. God bless. Della

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